Custom Built Gallagher Guitar

What does it mean really to have a handmade custom guitar?

It’s more than selecting features from a drop-down menu. It’s about understanding what you want from your guitar and how it will be the musical instrument to meet your needs.  It is about creating an instrument that is an expression of you, both musically and aesthetically.

What is your playing style?  What type of sound really appeals to you?  Visually, what do you want to achieve?

To achieve the goal of a truly unique, custom guitar, we will engage in exchange of ideas and collaborate on any number of choices such as body shapes and sizes, tonewood choices, appointments, neck width, inlay, tuning machines, electronics, and other features.  Because we are a small shop, we can do a wide variety of custom guitars and will work with you personally on your design. We offer a wide array of options, with few limitations.

Talk to us about what you want, and we will build by hand your custom, dream guitar.

Let’s get started.  Send us a message about your interest and we will start the conversation of designing your custom guitar.


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