Since we last checked in, the sides of this guitar were shaped and glued to the top and back. Then the body was bound with brown tortoise shell-like binding, and the neck blank was carved into shape. The fingerboard and headplate were glued to the neck blank, making it ready to be attached to the guitar. The body of the guitar has a dovetail joint end where the neck will attach. Today, the neck is shaped to fit this specific guitar and the heel curved to the liking of the luthier.

The carved and shaped neck is then fitted to the body and glued into place. The neck and body are held together by the glue and the dovetail joint and nothing else. All Gallagher guitars have a two-way truss rod in their necks. The pearl inlay is also added to the neck today; this guitar has diamond and square position markers and the signature Gallagher “G” on the headstock.